3d modelling

The salt of a successful recipe!

For a successful recipe, you must put in the right ingredients! Presenting studies with two-dimensional drawings tastes like an unsalted soup. Add salt, the digital model, and your architectural study will gain its taste at an instance!

Add salt now!


A picture is worth a thousand words!

Make people dream their space! They will immediately say “Is this my home? Really? I trust you! Let’s build it!” This way, everybody wins! Both them and you!

Create it now!


One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words!

If your client can dream their space with photorealistic images, then they can live it by watching a video! Within a couple of seconds, your customer relaxes and trustes you completely!

Let's make them live it!

Virtual tour

Navigate into your project!

The maximum experience of your customer! They look where they want. They walk where they want! It cannot get more interactive than that! Create a virtual tour now using 360° panorama images and they will trust you forever!

Let's walk in!

Colour drawings

For classic architectural firms!

Do you still prefer the traditional black and white two-dimensional drawings? Is it familiar to you when the customer cannot understand what they’re looking at? Well, convert them to colourful ones and see how they come to life immediately! Materials, shadows and objects put life and a sense of human scale into them!

Bring colour to my life!

Axonometric drawings

For the difficult cases!

Are the floor plans and sections not enough and you do not see how a 3d perspective image can help you in your next project? With othographic views, you have a three-dimensional drawing on which you can measure with your ordinary scale meter! Yes, it’s so simple!

I agree, simple is beautiful!

Construction drawings!

You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledge hammer on the construction site!

Who wants to waste time handing over drawings to workers who cannot understand a single line? Draw details that anyone can get!

Make it simple now!

3D sections

But isn’t this obvious in the section?

No, it’s not! Clients are not architects, unfortunately. And it’s your duty to make it clear to them. With a three-dimensional section view they immediately say “Look, this space is high! And from that point you can see a straight down! Perfect!”

This is what I was looking for!

BIM (building information model)

Work with anyone without obstructions!

Did we get the latest drawings from the electrical engineer? Wait, the civil engineer did actually add a beam? Where? Does it intersect with HVAC or is everything ok? With BIM you can forget all of this! Stay a market leader or stay behind …

Yes, I will stay on the frontline!

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