3d content sharing

Get into their daily workflow!

Get into the library of thousands of architectural firms and designers by sharing your 3d collateral in the digital format they need it!

I want to get in now!

3d modelling

Your first investment!

How will the designer use your furniture if you do not have a digital model of it? Create it and if you already have one, optimize it!

Let's create it then!


A picture is worth a thousand words!

Make people dream your furniture into their space! No more photography costs: studio, staff, equipment, transportation! Have your digital studio always with you!

Create it now!


One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words!

Make them live it! Make them know it, trust it, love it! Let them know how your piece of furniture will look like in their room!

Let's make them live it!

Construction drawings

Men do cry, but only when assembling furniture!

And why should they cry? Be their helper, be their hero! Deliver drawings that are simple, comprehensible and be their helping hand!

I want to be their hero!

Web viewer

Show it from any possible angle!

Top view, side view, rear view! Yeah, there is also a secret drawer there! How would you achieve this without a web viewer? You just don’t… and you lose opportunities to be loved!

I will rotate into their head!

Web configurator

Show them their choices!

Many textures, materials or accessories? The presentation of a furniture piece like this seems like a puzzle? With a web configurator, this is a piece of cake!

I will make it simple!

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